Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure (medically known as hypertension) simply refers to the pressure that the blood puts against the walls of the arteries. Hypertension is the best example of a silent killer as it gives no symptoms. This may mean that it can go untreated for years, landing the last blow quickly and quietly. At any moment, around 75 MILLION Americans suffer from high blood pressure.

The main factors affecting your blood pressure are out of control e.g. family history, gender, genes. High blood pressure may cause heart and kidney disease in the long run. However, changing your lifestyle and diet can be the key to controlling and managing hypertension effectively.

Generally, you are advised to keep away from foods with high sodium content. Keep on reading to find out which foods will help you keep your blood pressure low. No. 10 on this list is the best food that is even recommended by doctors!

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